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We are a professional bird control company servicing Mobile, AL. We solve problems with birds afflicting residential and commercial properties. We handle birds such as pigeons, sparrows, starlings, grackles, Canada Geese, and more. We most commonly receive calls about birds roosting on or even in buildings and ledges, leaving their feces behind. We not only remove birds, but we provide a wide array of services, from bird damage repairs, bird prevention services, bird dropping cleaning, and more. See our Mobile Bird Control Prices page to learn more about what we charge. We are fully licensed and insured in Alabama, and we answer our phones 24/7. Call us now at 251-494-6204 for a free price quote and to schedule a same-day or next day appointment for bird control.

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  • Bird Trapping
  • Bird Prevention
  • Droppings Cleanup

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  • Superior bird control from roof to ground, start to finish.
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We are competitively priced, but for the value you get, we are the best. Not all companies are the same! See our Mobile Bird Control Prices page to learn more about what we charge. No two jobs are exactly alike, so call us at 251-494-6204 for a price quote.

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FREE SERVICE: If you can't afford to hire our services, you can attempt some other alternatives:
Mobile County, AL - 251-574-3647
Alabama Dept of Wildlife - (334) 242-3469
Environmental Studies Center - 251-221-5000
Mobile police - (251) 208-6304
See our Mobile Bird Control Prices page to learn more about what we charge.

Pro Bird Control Mobile Tip of the Month: Is it legal for me to trap a pigeon?

Why trapping is not the way to go

First things first, why would you need to trap a pigeon? If you have problems with them, you could contact people who can take care of them and make sure that they do not come back again. It is much faster than trapping pigeons one by one and it is probably a more humane way of dealing with them than trapping them, causing them to die slowly. From a moral point of view, it is not only bad, but it speaks for you as a person.

What is the problem with pigeons?

Yes, they can potentially carry a lot of diseases and can even trigger allergies and destroy part of your plants and other property. A problem with pigeons has to be dealt with seriously and effectively because it can quickly lead to trouble and a lot of cleaning afterward.

Is it legal?

If you are protecting your property, you have the right to kill a pigeon, but it should be done quickly without any unnecessary pain or slowing down the death of the animal. The trapping of pigeons, on the other hand, is completely illegal because aside from the fact that it is not a moral way of dealing with such a problem, it causes the trapped animal to suffer unnecessarily. You should avoid doing that at any cost because depending on where you live, the punishments for that may vary.

Are there any better solutions?
There are plenty of better solutions which are easier to do and are completely legal.

  • Buy cats
  • Install spike strips
  • Install a shock track
  • At some places, you can use poison, but make sure to check if it is legal where you live. This should be used as a last resort.

In conclusion, trapping is not the way to go as even if you take them somewhere else, they will make their way back. As seen above, other solutions are better in this case.

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