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Pro Bird Control Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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We are a professional bird control company servicing Baton Rouge, LA. We solve problems with birds afflicting residential and commercial properties. We handle birds such as pigeons, sparrows, starlings, grackles, Canada Geese, and more. We most commonly receive calls about birds roosting on or even in buildings and ledges, leaving their feces behind. We not only remove birds, but we provide a wide array of services, from bird damage repairs, bird prevention services, bird dropping cleaning, and more. See our Baton Rouge Bird Control Prices page to learn more about what we charge. We are fully licensed and insured in Louisiana, and we answer our phones 24/7. Call us now at --)-)---) -- for a free price quote and to schedule a same-day or next day appointment for bird control.

About Our Company

Services We Offer

  • Bird Trapping
  • Bird Prevention
  • Droppings Cleanup

Best service in Baton Rouge

  • Superior bird control from roof to ground, start to finish.
  • Available 24/7 with weekend and same-day appointments
  • Humane treatment of birds and professional service for you.
We are competitively priced, but for the value you get, we are the best. Not all companies are the same! See our Baton Rouge Bird Control Prices page to learn more about what we charge. No two jobs are exactly alike, so call us at --)-)---) -- for a price quote.

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FREE SERVICE: If you can't afford to hire our services, you can attempt some other alternatives:
East Baton Rouge County, LA - 225-774-7700
Louisiana Dept of Wildlife - 504-523-2651
East Baton Rouge Parish Animal - 225-774-7700
Baton Rouge police - (225) 389-2000
See our Baton Rouge Bird Control Prices page to learn more about what we charge.

Pro Bird Control Baton Rouge Tip of the Month: Should I hire a pro, or remove pigeons myself?

Do you have unwanted pigeon at your barns, rooftops or anywhere similar? Getting rid of them could be a handy job if doing it by yourself. Before starting to chase them away, you must evaluate your options of hiring a professional person to get your job done. In many cases, depends on the intensity of the pigeons' abode in your property. These birds usually tend to live long at places they desire and are uninvited guests looking for warm and safe place from their predatorsHiring a Pro:
A pro company would provide an expert that would go about this process in a proper manner. However, is the money worth the effort?
Always On Top
Since they must have been doing it for a long time, they know the loopholes & complications of the process and would probably come out on top every time leaving no ambiguities.
Doing it Smoothly

At a point, getting rid of these birds might come close to hurting them and no sane human would like to do that. Consequently, it is beneficial to get it done by experts who know how to scare them off rather than hurting them.

Doing it Yourself:

There is not much courage required to the job but knowing the complications beforehand is necessary. If they are somewhere easily accessible for you, go ahead and use the procedure to push them away. Few tips on your fingers and you are good to go keeping in mind that they are not just anywhere. In case of other birds, it might get strenuous.

In a nutshell, hiring a pro is always a better option if it is affordable for you, and it should be if you own something that birds like to nest in. However, if they have no0t abided to the place as much, you may want to do it yourself.

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