Prices for Bird Control in New Hampshire, NH

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Call us any time at 978-226-1379 for a free price quote tailored to your situation! We provide very competitive rates for bird control work in New Hampshire. We pride ourselves on the highest quality bird control work in New Hampshire. The below examples are very rough and innacurate estimates, because every bird job varies to a great extent. The only way for an accurate price quote is with an onsite inspection, usually free. But we can give you some ideas about pricing over the phone. We look forward to hearing from you.

- Installation of bird spikes or shock track: $340 on up.

- Installation of structural netting to exclude birds: $490 on up.

- Structural repairs to keep birds out of attic or building: $250 on up.

- Droppings clean-up and sanitation sevices: $350 on up

- Installation of aural/visual deterrent devices: $220 on up.

- Canada Goose border collie harassment program: $380 on up.

- Woodpecker prevention and permit trapping: $260 on up.

- Pigeon abatement with falconry: $315 on up.

- Removal of birds in a warehouse or retail space: $280 on up.

- Removal of a single bird in the home: $160 on up.

FREE SERVICE: If you can't afford to hire our services, you can attempt some other alternatives:
Hillsborough County, NH - (603) 472-3647
New Hampshire Dept of Wildlife - (603) 271-2461
Suburban Wildlife Control - 603-881-5230
New Hampshire police - (603) 668-8711
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