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We are a professional bird control company servicing Las Vegas, NV. We solve problems with birds afflicting residential and commercial properties. We handle birds such as pigeons, sparrows, starlings, grackles, Canada Geese, and more. We most commonly receive calls about birds roosting on or even in buildings and ledges, leaving their feces behind. We not only remove birds, but we provide a wide array of services, from bird damage repairs, bird prevention services, bird dropping cleaning, and more. See our Las Vegas Bird Control Prices page to learn more about what we charge. We are fully licensed and insured in Nevada, and we answer our phones 24/7. Call us now at 702-342-8252 for a free price quote and to schedule a same-day or next day appointment for bird control.

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Las Vegas police - (702) 828-3347
See our Las Vegas Bird Control Prices page to learn more about what we charge.

Pro Bird Control Las Vegas Tip of the Month: How to Kill Canada Geese

Canada Geese possess a lot of problem for most people, any person residing very close to a lake or a river that is slow-moving would definitely notice that these birds are turning the place to their residence. A few years ago, this category of birds was classified as an endangered species but as a result of successful conservation efforts, the homes and lives of numerous people have been destroyed by these creatures. At other times, these creatures have been used as a sporting activity with people shooting for them, whereas other groups of individuals are seeking ways to kill these birds so as to solve the numerous problems they cause.

Firing Canada Geese

One of the most shared and customary approaches to dealing with Canada Geese is by firing gunshots at them, although the main issue is that only a limited number of these birds get shot out of the entire flock. Firing gunshots creates a sort of irritation for the birds because they will attempt to flee at the sound of the gun as a result of the noise it makes, this has to be carried out regularly to avoid the birds returning. One other issue with firing gunshots at the bird is due to their swiftness especially when they are air bound. Not killing them with a single shot can make them become highly aggressive and dangerous.

Applying Poison on The Bird

The lazy approach to eradicating any creature is to poison them. Adopting this approach for the Canada Geese can lead to a great issue especially if the zone involved is large. Ensuring that it is the geese that consume the poison is the very first concern as the poison usually take the form of grains, other species of birds may also be killed. Collecting the carcasses of the bird possesses a major concern because after consuming the poison, the birds usually fly some distance before dying and the dead bodies of these birds often contaminate a specific site because they will definitely not die in their nesting zone.

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