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We are a professional bird control company servicing Austin, TX. We solve problems with birds afflicting residential and commercial properties. We handle birds such as pigeons, sparrows, starlings, grackles, Canada Geese, and more. We most commonly receive calls about birds roosting on or even in buildings and ledges, leaving their feces behind. We not only remove birds, but we provide a wide array of services, from bird damage repairs, bird prevention services, bird dropping cleaning, and more. See our Austin Bird Control Prices page to learn more about what we charge. We are fully licensed and insured in Texas, and we answer our phones 24/7. Call us now at 512-379-5690 for a free price quote and to schedule a same-day or next day appointment for bird control.

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  • Bird Trapping
  • Bird Prevention
  • Droppings Cleanup

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  • Superior bird control from roof to ground, start to finish.
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  • Humane treatment of birds and professional service for you.
We are competitively priced, but for the value you get, we are the best. Not all companies are the same! See our Austin Bird Control Prices page to learn more about what we charge. No two jobs are exactly alike, so call us at 512-379-5690 for a price quote.

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FREE SERVICE: If you can't afford to hire our services, you can attempt some other alternatives:
Travis County, TX - (512) 974-2000
Texas Dept of Wildlife - (512) 389-8092
Austin Wildlife Rescue - 512-472-9453
Austin police - (512) 974-8243
See our Austin Bird Control Prices page to learn more about what we charge.

Pro Bird Control Austin Tip of the Month: Birds spike installation

Bird's flocks usually gather at open places like patio-covers, streets, windows, footpaths, big buildings and monuments etc. They damage the beauty of these places by spreading dirt all around and their fecal compounds not only damage the beauty of the place but also cause deterioration because of the toxic compounds in them.

Moreover, it has also been observed that in commercial places and open food points big birds like seagulls attack the food. Which not only contaminates the food but also effects the business by reducing the number of customers in such places.

What are spikes?

Spike installation is a common way to disperse the birds. They are used as deterrent for the birds and to save the place. Spikes are usually made of plastic or stainless steel. Their shape and size can be selected depending upon the area where they have to be installed. They can easily be fixed with commonly used adhesives, cable ties or hoes made up of nylon. When birds try to sit on the spikes they loose their balance and hence move to some other place.

Available sizes:
They are commonly available in the following width sizes:

  • 1 mm
  • 3 mm
  • 5 mm
  • 8 mm

Different widths are available so that maximum required area for the deterrents can be attained.
Characteristics of spikes:
Spikes should have the following characteristics:
  • Their material should be harmless to birds.
  • They should be rust free.
  • They should have the blunted ends.
  • They should be brittle.
  • They should not be visualised virtually.
  • They should be flexible enough.
Advantages of spikes:
  • They have different variety available according to the areas where they have to be installed.
  • They should have no harm to the bird's life.
  • Their installation should be easy
  • This mean of controlling the birds is cost effective.

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