Ways to deter birds from a barn

Pigeons are a bird that can commonly be found just about anywhere, including around farm and agricultural locations. These birds are most commonly recognized by people in parks in big cities, or around large structures, but the fact remains that they can be found in abundance around people's farms as well. The problem is the same issues that you have with birds in the big city are the same kind of problems that you would have with them on farms. These birds are the carriers of a large number of parasites and diseases, which not only put you in your family at risk, but also risk the farm animals you have on your property. The feces that these animals excrete can pose serious health risks to your chickens, cows, and other animals, and this is why it is important to try to limit if not outright keep them away.

The problem is that the structures to a farm make it extremely difficult for you to keep them away. If you consider a barn for a moment, not only do most farmers leave the doors to the barn open for a portion of the day, but seldom is the barn completely secure to keep pigeons out. So how do you keep birds out of the barn? The first thing you want to do is eliminate areas where they are more likely to try to perch. Usually you will find that the beams inside a barn make the ideal location for these birds to land, so if you can limit their ability to do so you can have a great deal of success in helping to keep them away. There are strips that you can buy that are known to make it difficult for these birds to land, that you can place in strategic locations.

Another great thing to do is to hang plastic strips in doorways. These heavy-duty plastic pieces will make it difficult for the birds to be able to fly in, but not difficult enough for you or other animals to get out. These are hung vertically in the doorway, and act as a deterrent that can be quite successful in keeping all different kinds of birds out. It is so poor to ensure that you limit any potential places for the birds to get in. You will need to go through openings in lofts, vents, and eaves and ensure that there is no more than half of an inch between any space. If there are broken windows or vents, you will need to fix these right away, or you will have no success in keeping these birds out. It is also a good idea to put netting in the rafters of your barn area. This will prevent them from roosting, which is one of the primary things that they are looking to get into your barn for. By putting up this netting you will block them out and they will look for another location to try to reside. As you can see, it really only takes a few minor things to make a huge difference in keeping these birds out.

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