How are birds entering my house?

Birds can be quite ingenious in finding ways to be able to get into your house. Like any other animal, the pigeon is trying to find a safe place to build its nest, one that is secure and safe from predators, but also provides them with a bit of isolation.

The truth is that most people spend little to no time in their attic, which makes it absolutely ideal for a pigeon. This becomes nothing more than a storage area for most people, which gives the pigeons a great deal of time to themselves isolated from the rest of the house. Over time, they can turn your attic into an absolute nightmare. This is especially true if they are able to get a colony going inside your attic area. The amount of waste that is left behind is truly remarkable, and can mess up your house beyond words.

The problem is that it doesn't take much for one of these animals to figure out a way to get into your home. They can take advantage of virtually any entry available to them, which may make you wonder what areas can pigeons enter a house through? Understand that it doesn't take very much for a pigeon to get into your home. The most likely means that they are using is if you are keeping a window or doorway open for any duration of time. It takes just a few seconds for them to fly through the doorway and get into some area of your home where they can try to find some isolated space. Even a tear in a screen or a door that is left slightly ajar can become an ideal entryway.

Birds can also use a crack, loose board, or other gap that has developed in the siding of your house. This happens on occasion, and pigeons can worm their way through those gaps and into the wall of your house or into the attic area. This is why it makes sense for you to do a thorough check around your house at least twice a year to make sure that there are no issues like this. Many people have vents in the siding of their home near the attic area. The slats in the vent can become dislodged or the gap can increase in size between each slat over time which can also become a means by which a pigeon will gain access into your home.

There have also been instances where the foundation can shift over time creating a hole between the foundation and the exterior wall of the house. This hole can become the perfect location by which a pigeon games access into your home. The important thing to consider is that it does not take very much space for one of these animals to get their way in. A thorough look around your house can help you to locate areas like this, which you should attend to immediately to ensure that pigeons are not turning your home into theirs.

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