All about the materials you need to exclude birds

Keeping birds away from your home can be one of the most daunting tasks you will ever try to encounter. These animals live in large groups, and travel that way as well, meaning that it can be a real challenge to try to get rid of them because once one has home on your home you can guaranteed the others are soon to follow. The problem is you just don't want them coming around in the first place. They can pose a real challenge to you, but getting them to stay away can be even more challenging than you may have thought. This will likely send you our looking for products and materials that will help you to keep pigeons from coming around, which may make you wonder what is the best material to exclude pigeons?

Where you want to begin is through the use of bird spikes. These are strips that you place along your roof, under the eaves of your home, along railings, or in other areas where these birds are known to try to perch. The strips make it impossible for them to be able to land, which will deter them from even coming around in the first place. Once you see these it is not hard to figure out how effective they can be. Pigeons like to perch at the edges of structures, so placing the spikes around and on the very top peak of your roof will have a dramatic impact at keeping these animals away. It's simply too dangerous for them to be able to land, so they won't.

You don't actually have to purchase the strips, you can make them yourself. By getting some boards and hammering nails drew them so that the spike is thrust out of the board, you can attach these to the same areas around your home and have just as much success. You want to make sure that the nails are long, so that it is difficult for them to even get around your roof area. There were also mesh materials that you can use that are equally as effective. If you are in a structure, like a high-rise apartment, where they are coming around your windows, placing this mesh outside will keep them from getting near your apartment.

This can work just as effectively around your home, especially in areas where you know that pigeons are trying to gain access into your house. By placing one of these sheets of mesh around the window, across the opening of your balcony area or near where your ventilation slats are at, you protect your house from pigeons being able to get in while also not doing anything that could endanger your home in any way. As you can see, all it takes is a few simple things to have a dramatic impact at keeping pigeons away from your home. This should help you to keep your property a lot safer and a lot better looking.

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