Tips for cleaning bird feces in an attic

One of the most disturbing things that a person can find is that a group of birds have made our home inside their attic. After finding a loose board, crack, gap, or some other entryway that has enabled them to get into your attic, they will set up residence there where it may take you months before you became aware of the problem and were finally able to get rid of them. Of course, getting them out of your home was only a small part of the problem that you faced. Now that they are gone, you realize the incredible mess that they have left throughout your attic, especially in the waste that they have left behind. Now you have a huge cleanup to perform and you want to know how to you cleanup bird feces from out of your attic?

Before you perform any cleanup at all, where you want to begin is by ensuring that you are protecting yourself. This waste can carry a large number of parasites and bacteria in it, which can pose a serious health risk for you. This is why it is essential that you cover exposed skin, where boots and gloves, where a respiratory mass that covers your mouth and nose, and goggles that cover your eyes. Understand that as you sweep or vacuum, this matter can get into the air, meaning that the parasites and bacteria can get onto your skin or in to your respiratory system. This can pose an extremely serious risk to you and is why it is so essential that you cover all of your skin and protect your respiratory system.

To begin, you want to vacuum up as much of the waste as you possibly can. If possible, use a vacuum that has a filter that does not allow particles to get out of the receptacle that contains the trash. The last thing you want to do is allow this matter to become airborne. If you do not have this kind of vacuum, then use a broom but be very careful as to not create such a sweeping motion that it gets this material airborne. Working very slow, deliberate strokes to sweep material together.

After you have cleaned up the bulk of the waste that you have found, you will need to use a cleanser that will thoroughly scrub away the areas where you have found the waste. You should use something like bleach or ammonia, products that are known to kill bacteria and viruses, to do the job. There are also cleaning products that you can find on the market that are specifically designed for cleaning up animal waste. You can use these, but you will likely find that ammonia or bleach will do the job. Bleach is likely to be the more effective choice, primarily because it will clean stains as well. After you have thoroughly cleaned over the area, let it dry and perform the same task a couple of other times. If you find material like clothing, insulation, or other materials that has waste on it, it may be to your advantage to just throw it away. You probably can't clean this effectively, so be safe.

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