What areas do birds prefer to live in?

Like most birds, they can be found in locations across the globe. These are animals that live primarily off of the innovation of human beings, as they live in dwellings that people create, eat foods that people make or throw away, and even live in the protection of human beings. Pigeons are one of the most commonly found birds that you will find, especially in the United States. They seem to be everywhere which may make you wonder if you are more likely to see pigeons in urban areas, wild areas, or in some other kind of environment?

As mentioned, pigeons can be found just about anywhere. These critters are quite innovative in terms of how they can adapt to different environments, but one thing that can be said about them is that they are most likely to be found in areas where human beings live. Much like mice and rats, birds have learned to thrive in locations where people have prospered. This is why you see them in abundant numbers in large urban areas, primarily because there are huge numbers of people there as well.

While pigeons are common to virtually any environment, you are likely to see them in the largest numbers in hugely populated cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The reasons behind this are quite simple. First of all, you have the fact that there are several different kinds of structures that present suitable homes for birds. Not only are they able to live under the eaves of buildings and homes, but they also can find shelter inside warehouses, the tops of buildings, and other locations that are often vacant or where peoples have learned to simply ignore the existence of pigeons where they are at.

In addition, people throw away large amounts of food that pigeons are more than happy to eat. Like mice and rats, pigeons will eat just about anything, so you're thrown away hotdog bun, popcorn you dropped on the ground, or piece of pizza that you spilled near your table all make for good food for a pigeon. In fact, it is not uncommon for a pigeon living in an urban area to eat almost exclusively food that people have thrown away. It is also quite common in these areas define large parks. Parks will mean trees, which will mean seeds which pigeons will gladly eat as well. There truthfully is no lack of food for a pigeon that is living in an urban area. What really adds to the desire of these birds to live in large urban areas is the reduction in potential predators. If they were out in a wooded area there are likely to be such things as Hawks and owls that would be around that could pose a risk to them. Not really a concern when you're in downtown New York. Thus, a pigeon sees a greatly reduced number of potential risks to its safety making the urban environment ideal.

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