Can you repel birds with mothballs or ammonia?

Pigeons are the kind of bird that most don't give a second thought to because they are so commonly found. This is especially true if you are somebody who lives in the city, where birds are seen getting into garbage cans, perched on the eaves of buildings, and just seemed to be around everywhere. We don't normally think too much about the pigeon or have too much concern about it, but if they are coming around your home that is an entirely different story. Because these birds travel in large groups, one pigeon can become dozens in a matter of minutes, leaving their waste all over your yard. This poses a serious health risk to you and your family, and is why you need to take action as quickly as possible to try to get rid of them.

The problem is trying to figure out how to get them to go away. It's not like you can run out and try to scare them off every five minutes, because you will never get anything else done. Trapping these birds doesn't really work either, and you clearly want to find some kind of alternative that will help you get rid of these birds without you continually having to put in a lot of work to make that possible. This is why many turn to the use of mothballs or ammonia as their choice. If you look out on the Internet, you are likely to find dozens of remedies that assure you that they know how to get rid of this problem. One that you will read a lot about is the use of mothballs and ammonia, which may make you wonder do mothballs or ammonia help repel birds from your yard?

As much as you would probably like this to work, the reality is that these compounds are not a successful means to keeping pigeons off of your yard. The idea behind them is that the ingredients contained inside ammonia and mothballs act as an irritant to the pigeons to get them to go away. It's a good philosophy, but unfortunately does not work. The problem with using these compounds is that to be successful you'd have to use them in mass quantities to get the pigeons to go away. You could put them along your fence line, maybe even across your roof, or in some other area, but because pigeons fly they don't need to worry about whatever kind of demarcation line you would create. They can simply fly over it. Your only successful means to use to get rid of the birds using either of these compounds would be for you to put it all over your yard. While this may work, consider the damage it would do to your property. You would likely kill all of your bushes and lawn, your property would smell like ammonia or some kind of chemical, and it would be difficult for you to grow anything there for a long period of time. This would be incredibly detrimental to your property, and is why you need to look at another solution.

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