All about a bird's natural diet

If you are a fan of birds, you are probably quite aware that there are many species that have a very strict form of diet. For example, a common parakeet mostly eats things like seeds, because that is the perfect source of nourishment for this little critter. This is not the only bird that has that kind of strict diet. If you consider many of the different kinds of birds that live along the shore of an ocean or some other body of water, it is fish, frogs, and other kinds of life that you would find in water that is the source of their food. They live in these regions because they know that this is the spot where they will find ample food. How about the bird though? What is the diet of this bird that is so commonly found in most locations where people live? Are you wondering what is a pigeon's natural diet?

It is important to understand that birds are very much like mice and rats. What is meant by this is that they have learned to blossom under the umbrella of human intervention and creation. As people have moved across the globe, pigeons have gone with them. There was a good reason why they do so. To answer that though, look at mice and rats for a moment. These rodents not only live in the things that people have created, but they live off of the foods that we make and discard. The same can be said of the pigeon.

Pigeons are true scavengers and omnivores, meaning that they will eat just about anything. If they can get it through their little beak they will often eat it. These birds are often found in areas where people either eat or throw away their food. This is why parks have become such an ideal location for the pigeon. Not only do people drop food that becomes a great source of a meal for the bird, but there often garbage cans where people throw their food away in, or at least try to do so, and people are generous enough to give pigeons food.

As a result, pigeons have become used to eating just about anything. They will eat discarded hotdog buns, pieces of popcorn dropped on the ground, pieces of sandwich meat, or just about anything else they can find. They are not distinguishing when it comes to the kinds of food they will eat. This includes seeds as well. Another reason why pigeons like to be around parks is because trees and other plants will often drop seeds on the ground below where the pigeons will find them and make a meal out of them. It is the perfect situation for them to find a little meal for themselves. Insects are also located in these areas, which pigeons will eat as well. If they see a group of ants or other bugs that are trying to get at a piece of candy that has been dropped on the ground, a pigeon will find that to be a hearty meal as well.

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