Are birds afraid of platstic owls?

There are a lot of techniques that you can use to help scare away birds. Depending on how serious of an issue you are facing, you may have tried to use such ideas as sprinkler systems, motion sensors, repellents, shock wires, or other ideas like this. What people are looking for is a means that will allow them to keep these birds away while not having to use some kind of means that becomes overly intrusive upon their property or its look. A lot of suggestions will tell you that the use of ammonia or mothballs can resolve your problem, but she would have to use so much of this product to keep birds away that it would destroy the look and smell of your property, and may damage your lawn forever.

Pigeons are the kind of problem that many people seek to try to get rid of. They don't want these birds around because they are a complete nuisance and the carriers of diseases and parasites that pose a problem for a person's family. The last thing you want is this animal releasing its waste on your yard, you stepping in it and winding up with a parasite of some kind. However, this is a serious risk with this bird. One solution that has been used quite effectively against some types of birds is the use of a plastic owl. By placing the statues randomly around your home, including on your roof, you were able to deter these birds from coming around. The same instinct that scares the bird away from a real owl is what will scare it from this one as well, and if you moved around on her frequent basis you will really have some success.

The question is whether this works with birds? Will a plastic gal scare a pigeon away? Sadly, the answer is no. While no one is claiming that pigeons are the dolphins of the bird kingdom, the truth of the matter is that these are fairly intelligent creatures. Consider that pigeons were used during World War II to send messages thousands of miles. The bird knew how to find its way to its destination, which is quite remarkable.

It is that same kind of intelligence that makes the bird wise enough to know that the bird that they are looking at is actually a fake. Whether it is some instinct, the smell, or some other kind of factor, birds are somehow aware that the plastic owl poses no danger to them. You can place dozens of these around your yard, but the truth of the matter is that they will likely become nothing more than a place where a pigeon will land and maybe even defecate on it. Clearly, you want to have some means to get these animals away, but this is not going to be a successful one. You will have to look into something that will work a lot better than this.

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