Do I need a professional to remove a bird?

Having birds in your home can be an extremely serious issue. Not only are these extremely messy animals, they are the carriers of a large number of parasites and diseases that can pose a serious risk to you and your home. When they released their waste, these parasites and bacteria can begin to become airborne after their feces dries, which puts you and your family at risk. This is not even a major part of the problem. What often happens is that these birds released their waste into your attic, into the walls, or into another area of your home, which can lead to mold and mildew building up. This, then, poses an extremely serious health risk to you and your family, and is one that becomes an exponentially larger problem as long as these birds are living in your home.

When you find that there are birds that are in your home, the question then becomes if you should hire a professional to help you remove these pigeons or if you can do the job yourself? You clearly want them out, and are looking for the means that will help me to do that effectively, and at the least cost. That only makes sense. To answer this question, what needs to be considered is how many birds are actually present within your home. Because pigeons often live in colonies with one another, it could mean that you can have dozens, if not hundreds of them living in a structure in your home.

If you have a low number living there, like maybe five or six, it could be very easy to get them out using a one-way exclusion funnel. You place this on the side of your home where they are getting into the house, and this will handle the problem for you. However, when there are a dozen or more pigeons that are living in your home, this is an entirely different circumstance. At that point, you may eventually be able to get them out with the exclusion funnel, but it may take days or weeks, at which point they could have created an even larger risk to your home.

At this point, it makes sense for you to look into hiring a professional. You might need to hire somebody that can capture or remove these birds immediately, so that they do not endanger you and your family any further. A large number of pigeons can make a lot of mess, and that is something that needs to be dealt with immediately. To be frank, the answer to this question is really related to how quickly you need the birds out. If you are looking to resolve your problem as quickly as possible, then a professional is the solution for you. If you can wait a few days or maybe even a couple of weeks, then you will have success using the one-way exclusion funnel. It is really just a matter of urgency.

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