All about propery modifications to deter birds

Pigeons are the kind of birds that people get used to when they are going to work in the city, but that does not mean that they won them around their home. These animals can be extremely destructive, not only because birds like to cause damage in general, but because they carry diseases that pose a risk to the overall health of you and your family. Trying to control the bird population around your home is not the easiest task. Because these animals are able to fly, they can pretty much come and go as they please, which means that you cannot really limit how they get on and off of your property. Or can you?

There really are some things you can try to do that can decrease pigeons from coming around your house, and here are some property modifications that should help you to keep down the pigeon population. The first thing that you want to do is limit the sources of food that are available to them. Birds will eat lots of different things, almost anything to be honest, so make sure that there are no sources of food that are available to them. Pick up your dog or cat dish after they are fed, make sure your garbage can lids are on tightly, and cleanup areas where seed may have spilled from trees. If there are limited sources of food, they are not going to spend much time on your property.

Also, take away areas where they would like to perch or gather together. There are strip spikes that you can get the place along the eaves and roof area of your home that make it impossible for them to be able to land there. This can be a great way to deter them from coming around. Around trees put netting over the top that doesn't allow them to land on the branches. This does not harm the tree in any way, and still allows it to naturally grow without issue, but denies the pigeon the ability to land there. If you have a barn or shed where they are getting into, placing this netting in the rafters can also be an effective technique.

If you find that they are gathering on your lawn, a motion sensor that will set off all sprinkler system can be effective as well. As the birds begin to gather, they set off the sprinkler system which sprays them and they flee. This is known to be very effective, because the pigeons see this as an inhospitable area. There are certain things that you should not use to try to deter populations. Repellents and such things as ammonia or mothballs are not effective. Neither are owl statues. Neither of these things has an effect on a pigeon, and so you are really wasting your money by deciding to go with them. Choose things that will work, and what we have shown you can effectively help you to repel away pigeons and make your home a lot more enjoyable for you.

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