Removing birds from the attic

If you have ever been to a large city, one thing you are likely to see is that there are a large number of birds that are around. They love the fact that people give them great places to live and an abundance of food to eat, the trash that they get rid of every day, making the ideal situation for a pigeon. One of the primary reasons why pigeons love living in the big city is because it is easy to find shelter. They are able to get inside the upper structures of large high-rise buildings, or find a place to live in large structures like a warehouse. It is perfect for them to get out of the elements and have safety and security.

Sadly, your attic poses the same kind of advantages that a warehouse does. Maybe even more so. Few people go into their attic, so a bird could set up residence in your attic for months, if not years without you having any idea that is what it is doing. Once you discover the pigeons are there, you want to do everything that you can to try to get rid of them. So, how do you get rid of pigeons from out of your attic?

You can try such things as traps to begin with. There are several different kinds of traps you can purchase and if you have just a few pigeons that are living in your attic area then this can be effective. The birds fly into the cage, get trapped, and then you can deal with them from there. You can either terminate the bird or take it to another location, but your problem is ready to be resolved. However, birds usually travel in large groups known as colonies. If you have one bird the likelihood is that you have dozens if not hundreds more. Using a trap is simply ineffective.

As an alternative you could choose something like poison. You could put food in the attic that is poisoned, the birds will eat it and die. This may be effective, but the last thing you want to do is to be cleaning a bunch of dead bird carcasses. There has to be a better alternative, and fortunately there is. The best way to get birds out of your attic is true the use of a one-way exclusion funnel. By attaching this to the exterior part of your house where the animals are getting in and out, you allow the birds to go down the funnel to the outside, but they are unable to get back into your home. This is the perfect alternative, because there is really very little you need to do. The birds will do the work for you once you have successfully attached the funnel to the outside of your house. As they leave, they are unable to get back in and, over time, your bird problem will be resolved. That just leaves you with the cleanup.

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