Can you kill a bird rice or alka-seltzer?

Birds are the kind of animals that you may not like, but may have become quite used to. They just seem to be everywhere, which is the reality. It doesn't seem like you can take a walk through a park in any city in the country without there being a large number of pigeons gathered around. Some find them to be quite quaint as birds, but there are those who could do with less of them. They would like to see these animals go away and may even feel inclined to help speed the process along. After all, what's one or two dead birds in the big scheme of things?

But no one wants to go around throwing poisoned bait around for the animal to eat. You never know what other animal may wind up eating that and becoming sick and dying. That wasn't what you were looking for. You simply want to get rid of the pigeon. This leads some to go out on the Internet and see if they can find other means that will help them to figure out how to get rid of these animals. One way that you will hear is that you can use either rice or Alka-Seltzer to kill off this bird. That may cause you to scratch your head a little bit and wonder will rice or Alka-Seltzer kill a pigeon or is this just an old wive's tale? The idea behind using either one of these products is that when the bird wound up swallowing it it would cause either the rice or the Alka-Seltzer to expand, which would inflate the stomach of the pigeon and it would die. It sounds like a fairly logical idea. If you ever consider how Alka-Seltzer works, when you add it to water it begins to foam up and expand, which would then inflate the stomach of the pigeon to appoint where it would become clogged and die. The same idea would be behind the use of rice. In the case of rice, there is some evidence that points to the fact that this does work. What is important is that you ensure that the rice you are using is dry. The dried rice expands when it is exposed to the liquid inside the stomach, which can cause the pigeon to have an upset stomach if not one that will outright burst depending on how much rice it is eaten. There are not a lot of conclusive stories that have proven this to be true, but there is some merit to the idea. While there are anecdotes that swear that Alka-Seltzer works, there has never been any kind of proven study that is conclusively shown that this is an effective technique. What has been shown is that the natural instincts of an animal like this along with its biological processes generally wind up defending the bird from the effects of the tablet, making it so that the animal is not harmed long term.

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