How to use a shock track to deter birds

Birds are the kind of animal that if you don't get control of them as quickly as possible you can find that a few can turn into dozens or even hundreds in no time at all. Once they have found a place to reside, perch, or find food, it can be difficult to get them to go away. Way beyond difficult if you get down to it. The problem is getting them to go away isn't very easy. These animals can fly, so they can go away briefly if they are scared in some way and simply return moments or hours later. You can't stand out there with a broom all day trying to scare them off, so what do you do to resolve this problem, this is why many have turned to the shock track as a solution to their bird problem.

If you have not heard of this device before, you are not alone. You are probably sitting there wondering what is a pigeon shock track? This is a highly effective means to keep pigeons away, working to actually scare off the pigeons without causing them any kind of serious injury. It is meant to simply startle them so that they do not return.

How it works is simple. As the bird comes around, you have a structure up that operates very much in the same way that an electric fence does. The same way that this fence keeps people's livestock from trying to get through the fence is used to scare away the pigeons. The track is set along areas where pigeons are known to land, and when they approach the wiring they get a slight shock that startles them and causes them to fly away. The shock only last for a brief period of time, but is highly effective in scaring off the pigeons.

The best part about this shock track contraption is that it is not intrusive in any way. In fact, most of these systems are built so that they are no more than .25 inches to .05 inches above whatever surface you are building them in. This makes it so that it doesn't stick out from your roof, ledge, or other structure. In addition, many of these are built so that they have different colors and designs so that they can look quite decorative around your balcony or ledge area. This will help to keep your pigeon problem resolved, without creating an eyesore at the same time.

As an added advantage, only a small amount of current is used to operate the device, meaning that you are not going to see a significant increase in your electric bill. This will make it so that you can run this shock track all day long, every day for months without having to worry about crushing your budget. You can install this in a very short period of time and resolve your pigeon problem in virtually no time at all. It really is a great device.

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