Common symptoms of a sick bird

We often think of birds being the carriers of diseases that can hurt people, but the reality is that these birds get as sick as you or me. They can contract many of the same diseases that they spread, and when they are ill that poses an even greater threat to you and your family. The problem is that you may not know whether a bird is sick or not. You likely come in contact with these birds all the time, especially if you live in a large city, so how would you know if the pigeon you are looking at is ill? Here are some symptoms and tips you should look for.

Feathers - one of the symptoms that can tell you that a pigeon is sick is if their feathers look disturbed or damaged in some way. Not like he was hit by an object or something, but where the appearance looks like it is simply falling off or breaking down. Consider it like when a dog or cat begins to lose its for in a specific location on its body. This is usually a sign of some kind of rash or illness, and the same would be true of a bird as well. If it is losing feathers in some area of its body or if those feathers are starting to look worn and tattered that can be a sign of the disease.

Erratic Behavior - pigeons have gotten quite used to people, so it is not uncommon for them to come right up to people seeking food. However, they are not usually aggressive about it and, if they are shunned by people in some way or another, they will go away. A bird who is suffering from some kind of illness will be a lot more aggressive and erratic. This may mean that they come directly at you, refused to go away, and may even attack you.

Glossy Eyes - the truth is that we've seen a lot of birds up close. We know what they look like, especially within their eyes. If their eyes are beginning to look glossy or glassy in some way, this is almost certainly a symptom that they are ill. The illness is usually something quite severe when this symptom shows, so you need to make sure that you stay away from a bird like this.

Unusual Feces - we see pigeons drop their waste all over the sidewalks, benches, and tables around where we live. We know what that looks like. However, when the feces has a consistency that is not common to what we notice then this is a time to be concerned. You may even see blood in it, which is a symptom that you should stay away from this animal.

Inability to Fly-Walk - if the bird looks like it is having difficulty trying to fly or even walk, this is likely a symptom that the animals sick. Think of it as watching a person who is drunk. This kind of behavior from the pigeon is almost certainly a symptom of illness.

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