High pitch sound deterrent machines and birds

Technology can really help to make your life a whole lot easier. Think about how the innovation of the smart phone has made it so that you can perform a huge number of tasks with this handheld device, including being able to send documents to people, to shut off your lights or lock your doors, or even shut off your car if somebody is attempting to steal it. It is truly remarkable how technology has been able to make our lives a whole lot easier. It is because of this reason that everyone is looking for a high-tech solution to any kind of problem. If you are concerned about whether you lock your front door or close your garage door after you have left on vacation, there is probably an app to let you know if you have done this and to even shut off the lights or close the door. If you have left for the office without faxing a document to somebody, now you can take a picture of it with your phone and quickly email it to them. It is truly remarkable.

However, not every situation can be easily resolved using technological advancements. This includes trying to get rid of birds, and is why using a high pitch sound deterrent machine is not going to work to get rid of pigeons. It is sad to say this, because the reality is that the science behind it makes sense. These birds are irritated by high-pitched sounds, so releasing a sound like that in the direction of where birds are coming from should have the desired effect.

The problem is that the effect that is needed is far too encompassing for such a machine to have any kind of usefulness. That sounds a little vague, so let's explain. The way this device is supposed to work is that you would set it up on your roof or some other portion of your land, angled towards the direction where birds would come from. As they approach, the sound that is generated becomes an air tent and the bird switches direction to avoid it altogether. Sounds like a great idea.

The problem is that birds can come from all different directions, including straight down toward your house or coming up underneath towards the roof. To have an effective deterrent, you would need a machine that directed this sound in every direction and offered it so powerfully that it could go for hundreds of feet with the same kind of impact on the birds. This is where the issue is created. With each passing foot the effect of the sound wave lessens, making it less and less effective. In addition, the fact that this is releasing such an area to dings sound can have the same impact on your own pet, causing your dog or cat to run away. A sound wave that is that powerful can actually cause damage to your hearing, making it a completely useless choice in terms of the cost analysis.

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