How to use cages to trap birds

Human beings can be quite compassionate. You come across as sick or injured animal and feel compelled to care for it. Maybe you take it home, figure out what defeated, and nurse it back to health. It's just part of human nature to look out after defenseless animals. It is this kind of compassion that will often lead a person to decide that they would rather trap then terminate an animal. Maybe they have a raccoon or a gopher that is coming around their property and wreaking havoc, and have decided that the most sensible thing to do would be to figure out a way to get rid of the animal altogether.

They want the animal to go, but they still don't want it to be heard in any way. This is where the trap becomes the perfect solution. No matter what kind of nuisance animal you are talking about, even if it is a pigeon, a trap seems like a great way to capture the animal, then take it to another location and let it go. This leads to the question should you ever trap a pigeon in a cage? While it is understandable that you want to be is humane as possible to every animal out there, the truth of the matter is that there are some limitations to your generosity. It is not that pigeons are horrible creatures or that they deserve to be terminated, it is simply that your kindness to move the bird to another location may be like spitting in the wind.

Consider the history of birds for a moment. During World War II these animals were used to carry messages across vast areas of territory from one location to another. This was a safe way to deliver messages, and the birds were remarkable at their ability to fly from places on the continental Europe to areas in Great Britain. What this tells you is that birds have an unbelievable sense of direction. It does not honestly take them very much to figure out how to get from one location to another simply because there is some instinctual part of them that enables them to be able to find their way home.

Now, if you have pigeons that are coming around your home and you have trap them, that does not mean that they are unable to determine how to get back to your property. The same instinct that allowed these birds to fly across Europe is the same instinct that will help them to get from a local park to your house. While you may not want to take the drastic step of terminating these animals, the reality is that if you capture one it may just return to your home. This may leave you with the only option of capture and termination. It may not seem humane, but as sure as pigeon can fly, you can be sure that they will be coming back to your property if they have the opportunity.

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