All about legal bird trapping

While you may not want birds around, doing something to terminate their lives is an entirely different story. There are many out there who care about any kind of animal, know matter what it is, and terminating the life of that animal is simply not an option. This is why they are looking for some alternative that allows them to get rid of these pigeons while not having to worry about them being harmed in some way. The trap is the perfect solution. This allows you to capture the animal and take it to another location to let it go without having to worry about it being around your yard. And, hopefully, it won't return.

Then there are those who would love to capture pigeons because they love them as pets. There are people out there who enjoy a wide variety of wildlife to make into their own pets, and pigeons can be a great alternative. The question becomes if it is legal for you to actually trap a bird? This is where you may face a challenge.

While pigeons may seem like a common bird that shouldn't be protected, the fact remains that there are on the laws around the country that protect unusual animals, some you may not even consider would be worthy of being protected. There are areas where such animals as raccoons and bats are protected, primarily because they have been hunted to extinction or have been placed on endangered lists because of hunting or other issues that have arisen. To protect these animals, the use of laws that ban trapping is one way that they employ to ensure that the safety of these animals and its population are maintained.

There are also instances where laws are created that allow you to kill an animal but not to trap it. For example, in Texas you are allowed to kill an armadillo on your property that you are not allowed to trap the animal. The concern is that a caged armadillo presents a health risk for anyone around the cage, and so it is not allowed. Odd, but true. So, what about birds? Is there anything that stands in the way of you being able to trap a pigeon?

At the current time, there are no laws that are either federal, state, or county that ban you from being able to trap a pigeon. In fact, you can even keep a pigeon or a group of them as pets at your home if you so desire. While it is expected that you would take the proper precautions to protect you and your family, there is nothing that stands in the way of you being able to own one of these animals, or a group of them, as a pet for your property. Therefore, it is perfectly legal for you to trap one of these animals. As one final note, if you are attempting to trap it to take it to another location so that it is simply away from your property, be aware that pigeons have an excellent sense of direction, so it still may return.

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