Removing a bird from a wall

Like virtually any other animal, birds are looking for some kind of shelter that will protect them from potential predators and offer them a home where they can be safe from the elements. Unfortunately, the walls of your home can be the ideal spot for them to set up residence, which can be a very serious issue, because no one wants pigeons living inside the walls of their home. The fact is that these are animals that offer a wide variety of problems that cannot be ignored. First of all, pigeons live in large colonies, meaning that there could be dozens of these birds living in the walls of your home. That means that they are dropping their urine and feces inside your home, which can lead to mold, mildew, and other issues inside your home, as well as create a problem with parasites and bacteria causing a health risk to you and your family.

You need these birds to get out as quickly as possible, which may make you wonder how to get birds out of the wall? Where you want to begin is by finding how these birds are getting into your walls. If you do a thorough search around your home what you will likely find is that there is a crack in the siding, a loose board, a gap around a window or grate area, or some other kind of hole that offers the opportunity for this bird to be able to get into the walls of your house.

If you find one, don't stop looking for others. There could potentially be other ways that they are getting in, so look to see if you can find any other spots. If there are other ways that they are getting in then seal all of those, but make sure that you still leave one for them to try to get out. Next, get yourself a one-way exclusion funnel and placed that over the area that they are using to get in and out of the wall. How this funnel works is quite simple. The birds are able to get out of the wall through the funnel to the outside, but they are unable to get back in. This is the exclusion part. Over a span of a couple of days, each one of these birds will need to go outside to get food and water and, as they do, they will be locked out of your home. Once you have gotten rid of all of them, you simply remove the exclusion funnel, seal up the area where they were using to get in, and your problem is resolved. If you want to speed up the process, what you can do is to make a lot of noise against that wall to frighten them, causing them to scurry towards their exit where they are barred from getting back in. All that is left from that point is to do the thorough cleanup that is needed.

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