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Pro Bird Control Sacramento Tip of the Month: Should I Poison A Pigeon?


Pigeons could be a source of worry to homeowners, and can be a nuisance in public spaces. They could be really irritating when they make your roof their home. They can also get into your home through your attic's window. These birds can also little a public space with their poop causing irritation everywhere they go. This has caused many homeowners and maintainers of public spaces to use several methods in chasing them away. When chasing doesn't work, killing is the next option. Shooting at pigeons may lead to accidents, so people resort to other means such as poisoning instead. But is it ideal to poison pigeons because of their nuisance?

Is Bird Poisoning Ideal?

Bird poisons are mostly used along with feeds that are attractive to the birds, but this is a practice that has recently been revealed as one of the most gruesome acts of pest control. Unsuspecting pigeons ingest the poison after consuming the tainted seeds, sealing their certain end. Most manufacturers design their poisons to damage the birds' nervous system leading to:

  • Birds suffer flight difficulty
  • Inability to move
  • Trembling episodes
  • And finally succumb to death

No matter the reason behind poisoning pigeons, you don't have to give them a painful death.
Secondary Poisoning

One other reason why it isn't ideal to poison pigeons is the issue of secondary poisoning. You may have pets such as dogs and cats that fancy pigeons as a delicacy. Also, endangered bird species such as peregrine falcons are known to eat pigeons. When the pigeons are poisoned and finally give up the ghost, it is certain that you can't locate all the dead birds, but your pets and other carnivorous birds can. The toxins in the bird poisons remain active for several days before finally losing its concentration, and have equal fatal consequences on any animal that consumes a pigeon killed by poison.

What You Should Do Instead?

Instead of using poisons to control your pigeon problem, there are other methods you can use to get these birds out of areas where they aren't needed. There are devices that could scare the birds from roosting in certain areas. You can also make use of netting or porcupine wire. These are much safer for the birds, and will not result in the loss of any household pets in the area.


With what is clearly described in this read, it is apparent that poisoning pigeons in an effort of pest control is not ideal and should be frowned at. It is a very bad way to handle these birds when they are a nuisance in your environment, and you could end up losing your precious pet if it eats a poisoned pigeon.

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