Using spike strips to deter birds

While you may not give birds much of a thought, if you are a person who lives in a home or apartment or who owns a business where pigeons come around, you know what a disgusting nuisance they convene. These animals are the carriers of a large number of diseases and parasites, which can easily be transferred to you when they defecate or urinate around your property. Even when the fecal matter or urine dries, it can still pose a serious health risk to you. The bacteria and parasites travel with this dried matter, which can get on your skin or in your respiratory tract and cause you a serious illness. Plus, birds go to the bathroom just about everywhere, meaning that it can be quite disgusting around your business or home in no time. They simply have to go!

The best thing you can do to handle your pigeon problem is to keep them from coming around in the first place. If you can stop them from landing around your home, apartment, or business, you are winning the battle more than you possibly imagine question this is where the pigeon needle strip will come in handy. A lot of you will look at this and have no idea what a pigeon needle strip even is. You may have never even seen one before, or you may have seen it but didn't realize what it was.

Simply put, this is a long metal strip that contains a series of spikes that had out from the strip, usually in three or four directions, which make it difficult for a bird to land where the strip is that. It is not just difficult for them, it is downright impossible. The way that this trip works is quite easy to understand. There are needles that come out from the strip. You then attach the strip to the ledges, eaves, or peaks of the building, areas that pigeons will commonly land on. You can also put them on such things as beams, windowsills, or any other kind of projection that comes out of the building, including signs.

Because these are the common locations were pigeons will land, if they are denied access to them they will not come around. They are unable to build nests there, they are unable to perch, and they are unable to take a breather. The strips are extremely effective in keeping pigeons away. The best part about them is that you don't need to add them across your entire roof or other structure. Just in the primary areas where a pigeon will land and it will do the job for you. While you may not like the look of this, the truth is that you are creating a much healthier environment for yourself and your family if you take every precaution you can to keep pigeons away. The last thing you want is for one of these nuisance animals to give you or a member of your family some kind of illness.

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