How to remove a bird from a house

There may be an instance where you have left a door open in your home or have had the screen off the window and, before you know it, a bird flew into your house, gaining access to your bedroom, kitchen, or other area of your home. Clearly, you don't want an animal like this swooping around your house, so what do you do if a pigeon gets inside your home? Where you want to start is by not panicking. Far too often people get themselves worked up about something like this, to the point where they are not thinking rationally. Consider that while a bird isn't the healthiest thing to have around your home, it isn't like it is a rattlesnake or a grizzly bear. It's not going to attack you, so you have some time to figure out what to do here.

Your next step is to try to figure out a way to limit where it can get around in your house. If it is in a bedroom, then simply close the door so that it cannot get into the other parts of the home. If it is in the living room, dining room, or kitchen areas then what you may need to do is use a broom to kind of guide it towards a spot in your house where you can close it off. If the room that it is in is close to a door or window, and simply try to use the broom to direct it towards the exit. This is where having it in an enclosed area can really work for you. There is only so many directions that the bird can go, and it will seek to try to get out through the exit that is offered to do.

What you need to understand is that this bird is probably far more terrified of you then you are event. So if you are making gestures to try to get it to go out a door or window using a broom or other large object, it is going to take advantage of that. It sees you as a potential predator, and will do all that it can to try to get away from you. If the bird is further into your home and you don't have a door or window to try to get it out of, then what you may need to look into is using a blanket to throw over the animal so you can then put it outside. By getting the bird to land in a location where you can throw the blanket, simply cover the animal and then take it outside in the blanket and let it go. This can be a real challenge because these birds are quick and can fly, so you may even need to use the broom to swat at it and disorient it so that it is forced to land. That will give you the opportunity to throw the blanket over it.

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